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May 15, 2015

Website Launch

Aeon Accessories is proud to announce the launch of our new website! With our vastly improved new updates, you'll find many new helpful functions to streamline your ordering experience.

As the site has been completely revamped, it will be necessary for all customers to change their login details. Once you're in, be sure to review the following new improvements:

Live Inventory Functionality: With an inventory database that is under continuous update, you won't need to worry about ordering an out-of-stock item. Our new live inventory feature ensures you won't have to worry about making an unintentional backorder!

Simple Account Management: It's easier than ever to maintain all of your information for your store now. In addition to simple changes of company info and details, you can also keep favourite orders and a history of your purchases.

Quick Order function: For those who make frequent repeat orders and have a rough knowledge of our product codes, the new quick order function makes for a speedy, hassle-free way to go. With only a few clicks, our quick order function makes repeats a snap.

New & Improved Search Engine: With the expanded new search function, you can narrow in on your product with ease. In addition to searching by a specific product, a powerful filter functionality allows you to search also by brand and by product type.

As always, we here at Aeon will be here to assist you should you have any issues navigating and using the new website. Feel free to contact us with any enquiries you might have! Happy browsing from the team at Aeon Accessories!

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