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August 14, 2017

New iPhone 8 Pre-Orders are live!

New iPhone 8 Pre-Orders are live!
Say hello to the new iPhone 8 with a new refreshed line of accessories to accentuate, available for pre-order now!

1. Urban Glass Screen Protector - Full Coverage Colour Border: Urban's full coverage screen protector with coloured borders, is designed to cover your device from edge to edge, with a premium colour tinting to match the phone or give it a new look & feel. With Anti-Scratch & a High Quality Premium Tempered Glass Oleophobic Coating, it is Anti-fingerprint & anti-smudge, and is shock and scratch protective, with a soft bevelled edge ensuring adhesion to all phones.

2. X-Doria Clearvue:This simplistic clear PC cover shows off the devices original appeal and beauty, with enhanced ridged edges to distribute impact absorption evenly.

3. X-Doria Dash: Excellent metal frame shield protects against drops and scratches, while a transparent rear cover shows off the original beauty of your phone. A half covering back design gives the illusion of a mobile wearing a suit giving that extra bit of class to your device.

4. X-Doria Defense Lux - New Model: X-Doria's well established and stylish Defense Lux series, has undergone a dramatic and efficient re-design. Forgoing the previous; seperating enclosures, and lockable latch. In favor of a fully enclosed encasement while still allowing your phone to be easily inserted and removed, while ensuring the phone wont slip out. Drop tested to survive 9.10' (3M) drops on concrete, defense metal is the ultimate way to protect but not cover up, your phone.

6. X-Doria Defense Shield: Defense Shield is a clear case, which combines hard polycarbonate, soft rubber and anodized aluminum to form the best protective cases. Defense Shield provides ample protection while maintaining a sleek look. The use of machined metal instead of plastic provides military-grade drop protection in a stylish, metal case. Drop tested to survive 9.10' (3M) drops on concrete, defense metal is the ultimate way to protect but not cover up, your phone.

7. X-Doria Defense Clear: The first layer is a clear, rubbery TPU that lines the outer edge of your case, providing grip, button protection. Next is a layer of special PolyOne shock absorbing material. On the last layer is a clear, hard polycarbonate shield to protect the main body of your phone. These cases have a raised front lip to keep your screen off of tables and other flat surfaces. Drop tested to survive 9.10' (3M) drops on concrete, defense metal is the ultimate way to protect but not cover up, your phone

8. X-Doria Revel Lux: Introducing one of X-Doria's newly introduced cases it has style and shimmering allure which will attract eyes from across the room. With a crafted IMD shell allowing for different colours and patterns to be applied in an array of different styles, and a plated polycarbonate shell doubling on shock absorption with a smooth feel.

9. X-Doria Scene: Scene brings together hard polycarbonate with a tough rubber outside to provide outstanding protection to the iPhone. With a translucent back this iPhone Case lets it's natural good looks peek through, while a comolded frame protects against shocks and jolts. Scene also protects the volume and lock buttons, extending a soft, rubbery cover that never blocks your control.

10. GPEL Glass: Your entire screen, edge to edge, will be under another layer of the world's strongest glass, saving it from virtually anything you could throw at it (except maybe a gunshot).  If you live an extreme lifestyle requiring extreme protection, look no further than GPEL's Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

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